Festivals of Nepal in 2016
MAHA SHIVARATRI (07 March 2016)
Colorful and naked sadhus, the wandering sages who emulate Shiva with ashes over their bodies, give lectures to disciples, meditate, or practice yoga.
HOLI (22 March 2016)
One of the most colorful and playful festivals of Nepal. It is celebrated by merry throwing colors and water balloons at each other and also to these people on the streets.
GHODEJATRA (07 April 2016)
A great jatra (gatherings) takes place to please the demon who is believed to be buried under the soil of Tundikhel. The jatra is purely an stunt of show-jumping, motor cycling, horse riding, gymnastics and sky diving all performed by the Nepalese Army.
BISKET JATRA (09 April 2016)
Communities in Bhaktapur and its surroundings replay a drama passed on generations to another. The drama is about sacrifices and pleasing goods. 
TIJI FESTIVAL (03 May 2016)
To chase away demons and mark the beginning of the wet season.Buddhist monks perform century-old religious ceremonies with prayers,chants and dance during the Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang.
BUDDHA JAYANTI (04 May 2016)
Buddha Jayanti, also known as Buddha Purnima, commemorates the birthday of Lord Buddha. It's the most sacred Buddhist festival.
GAI JATRA (11 August 2016)
One of the most popular festivals when small boys who has lost one relative during the past year dress up as cows to parade in the streets of the town. It is belief that cows help the members of the family who died within that year to travel to heaven smoothly.
JANAI PURNIMA (18 August 2016)
A priest ties a sacred thread to people`s wrist at the Hindu temples. 
TEEJ (04 September 2016)
Teej is the fasting festival for women. Through this religious fasting, hindu women pray for marital bliss, wellbeing of their spouse and children and purification of their own body and soul.
TARNETAR FAIR (05 September 2016)
The people from different tribes indulge in various competitive sports events, and dancing. Villagers from the entire Saurashtra region in Gujarat are dressed in traditional costumes and unique jewelry, and they visit the festival in enormous numbers. 
INDRAJATRA (17 September 2016)
This festival lasts for eight days with singing, mask dancing and rejoicing. The chariot of Kumari – the Living Goddess is taken through the main streets of Kathmandu
DASHAIN (11 October 2016)
On Dashami (Tika), people dress up well and visit elders to receive large red tikas of vermilion paste on their foreheads.
DUSSEHRA (11 October 2016)
Dussehra is a festival of Hindus that depicts the victory of good over evil.During the festival, people who belong to Hindu faith mark this festival by holding special prayer meetings and food offerings to the gods at temples and their homes.
TIHAR (30 October 2016)
During the festival people decorate their house with marigold flowers and illuminate colorful lights.